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Drinking Water

Specialists in Nano Technology Drinking Water Recovery


Who We Are

Water purification


Our mission is to provide high quality safe drinking water to people in remote areas, emergency situations and where drinking water supply is limited or not available at all.
Our products are innovative Nano Water recoverers of an entirely new type. The
technology was originally developed for treatment of blood where the highest level
of purification is essential.
Akwa Pure filters provide for real drinking water recovery at nano level, which
combines purification from bacteria and other contaminants as well as physical and
informational water restructuring.
As both laboratory analyses and practice show Akwa Pure filters match the highest standards of in and outdoor water purification by upgrading ordinary water from tap, rivers, lakes and even swamps up to the safe drinking water free of bacteria,
heavy metals, chlorine and other similar contaminants.
Akwa filters also restructure water erasing its “bad memory” inherited from the long and mixed “previous life” of water. This is especially important for urban areas where
galloping informational and conventional pollutions are becoming globally critical
and life destructive issues.
No Chemicals
It is very important that all remarkable characteristics of Akwa Pure filters are
achieved without using chemicals or any other additives which very often result in
substitution of one type of pollution for just another. As a truly high tech product
Akwa Pure Filters are of small size and light weight which make them very convenient for both household and outdoor use.